DATATEC is a leader in Form Processing Technologies, which allow users to capture large amounts of data from specially designed, or existing forms. We are the exclusive distributors of Cardiff Software (an Autonomy company) for their range of Form Processing Products. Cardiff's TELEform software is a world leader and has over 25,000 satisfied users worldwide. The TELEform range encompasses solutions across a wide range from a single user product designed to capture 2000-3000 forms per day to multi-user enterprise systems capable of processing hundreds of thousands of forms a day. TELEform now provides a capability to capture large amounts of data quickly, accurately and at significantly lower costs than other existing systems.

Datatec has had some very interesting and challenging Teleform installations. When the Tamil Nadu state government in India wanted an Enterprise level Forms Processing software in eight offices for their tax forms, they chose Teleform from Datatec after a series of live tests and benchmarking. Teleform won it on all counts- accuracy in data capture for both alpha and numeric characters and for ease of implementation and simplicity in all its functionality.

Similarly, when the Immigration office in New Delhi was looking for a solution for the embarkment and disembarkment forms filled by passengers at all international airports in India, they too chose Teleform from Datatec to extract the important data from these forms. Their operators were able to show a 300 % improvement in productivity with the desired accuracy.

The Traffic Police in New Delhi was constantly battling with the ever increasing number of traffic violators and to free the police on the road from spending time manually issuing challans to the offenders, Teleform came in handy. The police now fill up the vehicle numbers of the offenders with the violation code on very well designed ICR forms and these are then scanned into Teleform, for it do the rest- extracting data accurately and integrating it with the rest of the solution.

To exploit the real power of the Internet you can now take your forms online and save large amounts of time and money by designing, filling, submitting, processing and archiving forms electronically. Datatec offers a range of E-Form solutions designed to radically improve business processes, speed flow of information and reduce costs by harnessing the power of the Internet.

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Cardiff Software ( Teleform v10)—Download the Teleform v10 brochure

Cardiff Software’s TELEform Information Capture System enables business and government organizations to quickly and easily capture and convert paper-based and electronic forms into digital data that can be leveraged departmentally or throughout the enterprise. Designed to support global workforce, TELEform can set-up to remotely design forms, capture documents and verify information. TELEform reduces manual data entry costs by up to 90%, accelerates processing time and increases data with business-rules processing and database validation. TELEform provides business and organizations and automated information on-ramp for Web-based content and document management systems.

  • Automatic processing of invoices, loan documents, contracts and other unstructured documents
  • Forms, documents and electronic files automation on a single platform
  • Every-Touch audit, tracking, reporting and digital signature support
  • Seamlessly connects paper-based processes with electronic business workflows and eForms

Cardiff Teleform is a cornerstone piece of the Cardiff Intelligent Document solution. It is the only solution that allows you to unify all of your paper-based processes throughout the enterprise, even processes in different departments, businesses and geographies. This unified approach ensures you a consistent experience and full auditability of all of your processes. TeleForm’s bullet-proof enterprise-class design ensures zero down time and unlimited scalability as the number of documents flowing through TeleForm increases.

  • Automatically capture, classify and index any form or document type
  • Easily and rapidly fold information from paper into electronically-based workflows from both distributed and centralized locations
  • Embed intelligence within the form to navigate the business process
  • Enforce internal and external regulatory compliance requirements
  • Increase productivity across a disparate, global enterprise
With a Cardiff TeleForm deployment our customers typically experience a 60-80% reduction in their costs by eliminating the need for manual transcription. This ROI is realized because TeleForm intelligently identifies any form or document type and automatically sorts scanned documents into “virtual piles” that can be efficiently processed and validated without manual intervention. Then TeleForm reads the hand-print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes, and signatures from paper forms and documents virtually eliminating all human intervention and errors. The reduction in human data entry, human errors and accelerated processing times are reflected immediately in your bottom line.