Datatec represents AXIOME ALPHA SA , Switzerland( a part of Datawin) for their range of Optical Mark Readers with scanning speeds up to 11,000 double sided A4 documents. Apart from the standard OMR applications in the educational market segment for examination answer sheet evaluation and application forms. Datatec has successfully converted various other segments viz. Government (for immigration, census, inspection and certification procedures), Service Industry (customer satisfaction and profile information) Health Care (patient information, work load measurement) by redesigning the forms and also providing Scan Bureau facilities. Datatec presently has design & scanning facilities in five major cities viz. Noida, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Hyderabad and plans to set up more centres in the country. Datatec designs, prints and scans forms for its customers and has the infrastructure to scan, process and evaluate over a few million forms a day. We also undertake scanning and processing of forms at client site. We have over 25 high speed OMR scanners in the bureau and have taken on large number of projects involving simultaneous decentralized scanning in six to eight locations. We have the required number of trained manpower and programmers to complete projects of any size and magnitude. We also have a large question bank on a varied nature of subjects to conduct entrance and recruitment exams for Management Institutes and Public Sector Undertakings. The division has a unit which undertakes the complete examination activity and uses various available technologies such as OMR, ICR, etc.

Axiome OMRs

AXIOME is known as the Swiss specialist in automatic ID and data capture. The company develops, manufactures and sells optical mark reading products for the worldwide market. Methodex has been Axiome’s sole distributor in India since 1996 and have large number of Optical Mark Reader installations in Educational Institutions, Universities and Public Service Commissions etc. The premier government recruitment body - The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in New Delhi has been using Axiome readers for their examination related work and Methodex is proud to have UPSC as its client.

Optical Mark reading (OMR) is a method of entering data into a computer system. Optical Mark Readers "read" pencil or pen marks made in pre-defined positions on paper forms as responses to questions or tick list prompts.

The OMR data entry system contains the information to convert the presence or absence of marks into a computer data file. OMR is a different technology from apparently similar automated data entry techniques, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or barcodes, although in many cases these techniques may be used in conjunction with OMR.

The main advantages of the OMR technology are:

  1. simplicity:
    "tick box answers" are marked with a cross or filled in by the user with an ordinary pencil or pen.

  2. reliability:
    the OMR scans the form, detects the presence of marks and passes the information to the computer

  3. speed:
    AXIOME readers can read up to 11'000 forms/hour (double sided)

  4. flexibility:
    the OMR reader tests for plausibility and transmits the formatted information to the computer. The interpretation, using AXIOME readers, can be very sophisticated: this is more than a means of recording simple « yes » or « no » answers

When to use OMR:

Applications where OMR stands out as by far the most appropriate means of data capture are characterised when:

  • data is to be collected from a large number of sources simultaneously
  • personnel collecting data are not regular computer users
  • a large volume of data must be collected and processed in a short period of time
  • information mainly comprises the selection of categories or "tick box" answers to multiple choice questions.
AXIOME OMR are used in many different field like education, quality control, order taking, statistics and marketing, questionning and votes.

Optical Marks Readers manufactured by AXIOME:

Manual Optical Mark Reader:

  • axm 935 – download brochure
Automatic Optical Mark Readers:

  • axm960 – download brochure
  • axm980 – download brochure
  • axm998 – download brochure