Design and Printing

OMR & ICR: Design and Printing

We are your trusted partner for comprehensive OMR and ICR forms printing services. With a dedicated design department and a commitment to excellence, we provide a wide range of print solutions tailored to meet your specific needs

Key Features:

Custom Design and Conversion:

  • Our expert design department creates custom OMR and ICR forms, ensuring they align perfectly with your requirements.
  • We offer seamless conversion of your existing forms to integrate with form processing technology, whether it's OMR or ICR.

Form Variety and Complexity:

  • Beyond standard OMR/ICR Answer sheets and application forms, we specialize in designing complex forms for data collection.
  • Our offerings include multi-page survey booklets in both cut sheets and computer continuous forms (multi-part or single-part).
  • Choose from a range of carbonless forms with variable printing options, including sequential or jump numbering, barcodes, or lithocodes.

OMR Sheet Design Options:

  • We provide multiple OMR sheet design options to suit your preferences, including Single, Carbonless (1+1), and Triplicate (1+2).
  • Customer design approval is a key step in our process, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Expert Barcoding Services:

  • Our expert team handles barcoding, enhancing data tracking capabilities.

Precision Printing:

  • We guarantee the printing of OMR Answer Sheets within specified timeframes while maintaining top-quality standards.
  • Choose the OMR sheet grammage that suits your needs, such as 100, 105, 110 GSM, and more.
  • Both-sided printing is available when required.
  • We also offer printing services for various reports, including Roll lists, Alpha lists, category-wise lists, and more.

Additional Services:

  • We offer a comprehensive range of services, including pre-scanning of OMR sheets, packaging tailored to your specifications (e.g., Centre-wise, District-wise, Venue-wise), and waterproof packing for all materials.
  • Design and printing of Attendance Sheets are available, accommodating both OMR and Non-OMR formats.
  • For absentee tracking, we provide OMR-based barcoded absentee proforma.

Timely Delivery:

  • Our commitment to on-time delivery ensures your materials are delivered according to your requirements.