Interview Process Management

Interview Process Management

At Datatec, we understand the importance of a seamless and secure interview process for organizations. Our "Interview Process Management" service is designed to provide a secure and efficient platform for conducting interviews, streamlining the entire process, and enhancing the credibility and reputation of the Organisation.

Key Features:

Customized Application Creation: Secure and Tailored

  • We create a secure and customized application exclusively for Customer to manage and conduct interviews on a secure server within the country.

Interview Scheduler: Efficient Board Creation

  • Design an Interview Scheduler that simplifies the creation of boards for conducting interviews.

Secure Board Member Access: Real-Time Notifications

  • Each board member receives a unique login and password via email/SMS with a link sent by the Commission an hour before the interview begins.
  • Board members are instantly informed about their allotted board for the day upon login.

Candidate Details: Real-Time Access

  • Board members access all candidate details once they log in, displayed as per the Customer’s specifications.

Online Marks Punching: No Editing for Integrity

  • Ensure data integrity by allowing board members to punch in marks online with no option for editing once saved.

Document Verification: Streamlined Process

  • Candidates can verify their documents, ensuring the authenticity of their credentials.

Document Upload: Hassle-Free

  • Admin facilitates the uploading of documents in candidates' logins once approved. If any additional documents are required, candidates can re-upload them.

Board Allocation: Smooth Transition

  • After completing document verification, candidates move to their respective boards for interviews, as determined by the customer.

Admin Rights: Flexible Control

  • Grant admin rights to change the sequence of interviews if needed, providing flexibility in the process.
    By providing a customized application for interview management, we empower the client to automate and streamline the entire interview process. This not only enhances the credibility and reputation of the Client but also provides candidates and panel members with efficient and secure solutions.

  • At Datatec, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of service and security to organizations, ensuring a seamless interview process that meets the unique needs of your institution. Large State Public Service Commissions have been using our services to streamline their Interview management cycles. Contact us to understand and learn about the improved efficiencies they have derived from these services of Datatec.