Proctor-Based Exams

Proctor-Based Exams

We provide a cutting-edge "Proctor-Based Exams" service that redefines online examination security, ensuring the integrity and credibility of remote assessments. With advanced technology and comprehensive features, we offer a secure and reliable solution for conducting exams from anywhere.

Key Features:

Computer Sanitization:

  • Ensure a clean exam environment by closing all unnecessary applications.

Port and Device Control:

  • Block all ports, disable printers, USB drivers, and dual monitors to prevent any unauthorized access.

Real-Time Communication:

  • Enable a chat facility for real-time communication between students and remote proctors.

Remote Pause:

  • Allow remote proctors to pause tests at any time during the exam.

Device ID Recording:

  • Record device IDs to ensure exam authenticity.

AI Technology:

  • Implement AI technology to monitor variations in facial expressions, capturing photos every 60 seconds and analysing 150 parameters to detect anomalies in student behaviour.

Audio and Video Recording:

  • Record audio throughout the exam, with optional video recording for added security.

Screen Monitoring:

  • Capture and analyse screenshots of the student's screen to detect abnormal activities or provide evidence in case of disputes.

Multiple Proctor Support:

  • Assign multiple proctors to students if needed for enhanced monitoring.


  • Authenticate students using their photos, which are compared to the profile photo using FaceID technology.

Secure Setup Download:

  • Provide a digitally certified setup for download, which blocks all ports, preventing remote connections or screen sharing.

Business Rules:

  • Implement various business rules, such as login limits, time constraints, and grace periods, to ensure fair and controlled exam conditions.

Scalable Cloud Servers:

  • Host exams on highly scalable cloud servers to accommodate a large number of participants.

End-to-End Encryption:

  • Encrypt all data end-to-end, ensuring the utmost security of the system.

Proven Track Record:

  • With over 40,000 successful online tests conducted during lockdowns, trust our expertise.

Scientific Calculator:

  • Provide an on-screen scientific calculator for math and science exams.

Customizable Reports:

  • Generate customizable reports tailored to specific requirements.

Our "Proctor-Based Exams" service is a game-changer in the world of remote assessments. It allows students to take exams from any location while ensuring rigorous monitoring and security measures. Student photos are continuously compared for authentication, and real-time chat support is available for any queries. Rest assured, we prioritize the integrity and credibility of every exam conducted through our platform.