Scanning and Processing

OMR and ICR Forms Scanning and Processing Services

At Datatec we offer comprehensive OMR and ICR forms scanning and processing services, backed by years of experience and cutting-edge technology. Our services encompass document conversion, data scanning, and efficient processing to meet your specific needs.

Key Features:

Document Conversion and Back Filing:

  • We provide document conversion and back filing services, helping you archive existing documents.
  • Document images are supplied on self-contained DVD's/CD's, complete with index and search information.
  • This cost-effective solution not only safeguards your data against fires and natural disasters but also reduces storage costs significantly.

OMR-ICR Data Scanning and Processing:

  • Our specialized services cover both image and data capture, using advanced software and specialized hardware.
  • We have been trusted partners with AXIOME ALPHA SA in Switzerland, a part of Datawin, for the past two decades.
  • We employ specialized high-speed scanning equipment to ensure swift and accurate data capture.

On-Site OMR Sheet Scanning:

  • Sheet scanning is conducted on-site at the customer's premises.
  • We arrange the necessary manpower and machines, while the customer provides the required space with basic requirements.

Double OMR Scanning:

  • We perform double OMR scanning for filled OMR Sheets, Attendance Sheets, Absentee Proforma, and more.
  • Image scanning can be conducted upon customer request for these documents.

Data Editing and Validation:

  • Our team handles the editing, matching, and validation of data to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Daily Backup:

  • We provide a daily backup of scanned data, which is handed over to the designated officer.

Custom Result Processing:

  • Our team of dedicated programmers processes the results according to the customer's rule list.
  • Each program is tailored to the customer's specific needs, ensuring a customized solution.
  • We offer flexibility to process results either at the customer's site or at our own office.
  • We do not rely on off-the-shelf solutions; every program is designed to meet unique requirements.

Secure Data Handover:

  • The final error-free data is prepared, and a merit list is generated.
  • We hand over the complete data to the customer in an encrypted format, adhering to the required format specified by the customer.
  • We ensure system formatting before retrieving it from the customer's premises. Our Scan Bureaus are managed by very seasoned professionals who understand the entire gamut of end-to-end operations. We have a team of over 80 professionals in our bureaus which have a wide range of advanced hardware and software’s to ensure complete security. Datatec owns over 50 high speed OMR scanners and Image scanners and can scan & process millions of forms daily be it in our bureau’s or client location’s. Your OMR and ICR forms will be scanned, processed, and managed with the utmost care and efficiency.